School Exhibition-2018

School Exhibition-2018

Benefits from the Fair of Education

There is an opportunity that gives the benefits for all the people associated in the schools as parents, students, teachers and proprietors. An experienced team on organizing educational fairs and reputed institute for running the online news media named NES Creation Pvt. Ltd. will be arranging such a fair on the 23, 24 and 25 Feb. 2018 in Kathmandu.  All the stakeholders of the school will be benefited from the educational fair.


Benefits for the schools

Schools are the resources of the knowledge. Proprietors, principal and teachers are always looking for the guardians and parents frantically. Schools may have competitive and professional foundation to build the future of the children or students, but it is not practical to go and knock the doors one after another in the city of high density like Kathmandu metropolitan one. Educational fair is appropriate place to meet the parents and guardians to show the perspectives of the schools, and convince them with the strong evidences.


Schools' success depends on the outcome or production. Without the availability of the students productions will not be possible. Fair is the hub to get the students with their parents and guardians without investing more time. Period of three days will be more than enough to convince the guardians for the competitive schools like yours.


Benefits for the guardians

Guardians and parents are always seeking for the appropriate school for their beloved kids. But, because of lack of information and knowledge about the professional and dedicated schools like yours, they have just stuck with the schools maintaining hi-fi and lip services. Educational fair is an opportunity to get several schools with their detail identities. Guardians can select appropriate schools for their children in order to make their generations' future better. 

Please remember, the date of the fair is 11, 12 and 13 Falgun 2074 (23, 24 and 25 Feb. 2018) in Kathmandu. In the fair, you can get the consultations with the experts and entertainments for the children and adults.

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